Bracelet - Chip - Amethyst

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  • Amethyst

Amethyst chip bracelets.

  • Photo illustrates typical look of item.
  • Ruler measurement is in centimeters
  • 10 Units in Stock
  • Stone: Amethyst

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Mineral Species: Quartz

Chemical Formula: SiO2

Mohs Scale Hardness: 7

Location: Worldwide. Abundant in Brazil.

Typical Appearance: Purple and translucent.


Common variants of Amethyst:

  • Amegreen - Amethyst with areas of green colouring caused from Prasiolite, but some pieces can be the result of heat-treating (see Green Amethyst)
  • Ametrine - Amethyst and Citrine mix. Purple with areas of orange colouring
  • Chevron Amethyst - Amethyst with white banding
  • Green Amethyst - Pale light green Amethyst. Colour usually obtained by heat-treating certain types of Amethyst
  • Orange/Yellow Amethyst aka 'Citrine' - Heat treated Amethyst
  • Red Amethyst - Dark reddish-brown colouring. Usually not really translucent
  • Royal Amethyst - High grade Amethyst, deep purple colour, usually from Uruguay
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